Technical Services


  • We provide installation services with the after-sales staff and perform necessary tests with each production detail. We provide field acceptance service to the customer within the performance criteria and deliver our products. User manuals including detailed practical use and maintenance information about the machines are delivered to customer in CD format or via Links. Customers' designs, sizes, drawings are kept confidential.
  • As BETAPAK, we provide domestic and overseas after sales services 24/7. With our expert technical staff / expert support, we provide fast solutions for our customers. It is possible to contact our company via digital channels or phone any time, we will be able to provide authorized staff support.
  • We closely follow technology in our machines and provide upgrades, maintenances and revisions necessary for improving market conditions and increasing efficiency. Customers are kept informed about usage ergonomy and innovations on higher efficiency revisions. If the machine is suitable, if required, this new system / design can be integrated into these machines and efficiency is increased.
  • Both during machine test stage and delivery stage, the operators of the machine are provided with usage and operation training, including all occupational safety criteria. And in the trainings provided in BETAPAK, the operators that are successful in the trainings are provided with operator certificate
  • All products and semi-finished products used in machines are supplied by BETAPAK. In imported products, due date factor is highlighted. In machines, critical material list is given to customers and materials are delivered in accordance with the requests
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