Bpt Series
Bpt Complete Line &
High Capacity

Up to 30.000 Cavities
50.000 packs/h.
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The Bpt Complete Line and High Capacity is recognized for the high capacity it delivers when packaging products in small portions. It can be operated easily by only two people and can reach a capacity of up to 50,000 units in just one hour. The machine is efficient and economical in terms of staff and due to its ability to prepare and carton packaged goods with its automatic cartoning system. Although the machine also offers the ability to re-use trims, it is possible to obtain zero wastage thanks to Betapak’s improved cutting systems. The bottom film feeder is able to run up to 300 kg of film, enabling the machine to reach a greater capacity through operation without interuption.

Thanks to the fact that all its mechanisms, including main chasis and feet, are made of 304 quality stainless steel and metal profiles, it is long lived, even in the most difficult working conditions. The best quality materials are used in every stage of its pneumatic lines in order to apply the latest technology.