We are aware that our sector has a direct impact on human health and we feel responsible about this.
Therefore, we need to eliminate commercial concerns and negativities, and operate with this responsibility. So, we will be glad to conform this necessity and operate responsibly. In the machines we have manufactured, we have taken many factors into account such as;
Conformance with hygiene concept, rapid and mass production,  304L CrNi stainless steel in the chassis, 316 L CrNi stainless steel in product contact surfaces, conformance with the standard norms in all components, machine CE Standard certificate, top-end safety systems, ease of command for operators, ease of use and simplicity for each person, prevention of raw material wastage, homogeneity in production, full integration among systems, elimination of sound and noise, remote support system in case of any problems, technologically top-end classification,
and we take the utmost care for HUMAN factor. As BETA-PAK, we feel the justified proud of our mark in the sector. Our company professionally handles the production and sales organization and works with all its energy in order not to let you have difficulties in our after-sales services.

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