BETA-PAK Exports to 53 Countries
BETA-PAK Exports to 53 Countries

How did you come across Beta-Pak that operates as a 5-partner company?

-Two out of three partners of Beta-Pak have been left. In 2000, we were 3 people joining Beta-Pak as new partners.Until 2002, we got to know each other, reinforced our friendship and specified our road map. We started to properly operate in 2002.Today we are 5 partners; Cengiz Karagülle, Turgay Gezer, Ali Elkılıç, Cumali Özyürek and Sadebek Taştan.Our partnership continues since 2000s without problems.Each partner has a certain area of business and authority.None of the partners interferes in the business area of others, we trust and support each other all the way.We aim to keep this good partnership going for more years.May the God support our unity and solidarity.

Do you have training programs for your employees?

-In Beta-Pak, employees are very important.Because if we are successful in this business, it is by virtue of qualified, well-informed and hard-working staff.Therefore, we organize trainings related to our operations for our employees with companies such as Omron, Festo etc.We take them to exhibitions and show them the innovations and developments.As Beta-Pak, we organize our businesses considering that we will work together for a long time. We believe that in ten years time, packaging sector will successfully progress.We attach utmost importance to staff training. Because success is directly proportional to the number of experienced and well-informed employees.

How many countries do you export your products?

-At the present day, we export machines to 53 countries worth 15 million dollars per year. Since 2020, we have been exporting thermoform machines to the countries such as Iran, Iraq, Dubai, France, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Italy, Romania, Portugal, Russia; to every corner of the world from Senegal to Philippines, from Tanzania to England.With certain amount of increases in our sales, our operation field extends day by day.What are the problems you face in the production process?We are having hard time finding qualified technical staff.No matter how well-informed the newly hired employer is, they start to be useful for the company six months after the training they have here.We are having hard time obtaining high quality and adequate materials.We also have space problem in our facility.We are not able to extend any more.Now it is not sufficient for us.

Can you please give some information about your solution partners?Which points are important for you in choosing your solution partners?

-We have Festo and Omron as our solution partners.First of all, our solution partner should be a global company that can support us at any location in the world, it should be a universally well-accepted and known company, and its products should be easily accessible.In addition, it should be sufficient and quick in technical support.

Could you tell us about your material procurement operations? Do you import any materials?

-We purchase some of the imported materials from the importers.Festo - Omron, Nord etc.And we directly import some of the items.Elena Marchetti (box opening+closing) Chain Regina, Shearing Knives etc.Soon we will also import Profile - inox shafts directly from the company.What are the technical means in your factory?In our factory, we have a total of 14 pcs benches including lathe, milling cutter and grinding machine.We also have a total of 9 pcs CNC milling cutter and lathe devices.We also have state-of-the-art wire erosion bench.

Are there any technical processes that you cannot handle in your factory?

-We are not able to perform hardening, watering and grinding operations of materials. We get external support.

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