30.000 Cups of Water Per Hour
30.000 Cups of Water Per Hour

Beta-Pak delivered the fastest PET cup making machine of recent times to Hamidiye Kaynak Suları in last April. The machine with a 30 thousand PET cup production capacity per hour is able to form and process 20-eye cups at a time. Produced with the cutting-edge technology, BPT-26/37 AQUA MEGA MAX is described as a ground-breaking innovation in sector. We got information about technical specifications of the machine from Beta-Pak General Manager Turgay GEZER:
"With the machine producing 30 thousand PET cups per hour, which was delivered to Hamidiye Kaynak Suları in April, we accelerated the development in sector. We produced a machine with a 30 thousand PET cup production capacity per hour for Hamidiye and our machine is able to form and process 20-eye cups at a time. With BPT-26/37 AQUA MEGA MAX model, we provide all movements of the machine, which was delivered in April, with 8-axis servo motor system. And in electronical products such as PLC - control system and touch screen operator panel, we work with Omron. The so-called pneumatic group is resolved with Festo. In machine safety, we work with PILZ, which is a specialist company in its area for many years. Control, project design and certificate approval of our safety PLC and system control that conforms to international standards with category 4 safety class are carried out by PILZ. All equipment deployed on field in Hamidiye's machine have IP67 protection class. While using the lower and upper foil, which comes to our machine in coil form; in order to prevent potential bacteria and fungus formation, we decontaminate the machine by exposing it to ultraviolet rays before contacting the product. In order to prevent static charging on foils, we perform neutralization using an ionizer. " We close all sections of our machine, use hepa filter for the air inlet and make the environment more sterilized. We also use special filters to infiltrate the air used by machine to operate.  This way, we provide infiltrated air to all contact surfaces. We did not let the operator decide the amount of lubrication, our machine has an automatic system to lubricate all moving parts. We used EtherCAT communication system and ensured communication with each control group on filed via a single cable. We got rid of all the cables that would be laid for control. With this innovation in our latest machine, we provided a major advantage in terms of labor and time. We place barcodes to each component we produce or use in our machine. In case there is a failure in any product or a spare part is required, when the responsible person provides information about the barcode, it is possible to supply the right part in a very short time. We are very sensitive about manufacturing under the hygiene conditions specified in alimentary products law, we strictly observe these conditions and attach great importance to this matter. We use stainless 316 L for all surfaces contacting with food. And of course, using high quality products and equipment in our machine increases our prices and makes it hard to compete, however, for offering perfect solutions to our customers, we never compromise on quality." Mentioning that they are working with all prominent brands in beverage sector, GEZER says "Food is our main sector. Sütaş, Yörsan, Şahin Melek, Eti Gıda, Bifa being in the first place; we are working with all prominent brands in food and beverage sector such as Bolulu Hasan Usta, Ekici, Eker Süt, Anı Bisküvi, Unilever Sanayi, İtimat Peynircilik, Koska, Özgüllü Süt, Mado, Muratbey, Kay-balmar Süt, Aslı Börek, Özsüt, Çoban Pınar Su,Pınar Et, Assan Gıda, MC Cormic, Erikli, Mar Tüketim, Altınkılıç, Maret, Sek Süt, Erpiliç, Gümüşdoğa Su Ürünleri, Pak Tavuk (Mudurnu), Kaşık-la, Kaanlar, Tat Entegre, Yonca Gıda, Pınar Süt, Doğuş Et,Yardımcı Süt, Moova Gıda, Unifo and Hamidiye". As an answer to the reason why customers prefer Beta-pak, Turgay GEZER spoke as follows:
"All equipment in our machines have CE certificate. In addition, Beta-Pak also has ISO 9001 quality certificate and TSEK certificate. Quality of our products, the high quality of our labor and service is the reason why customers prefer us. We are the solution partner of our customers. When they experience problems, they can easily contact us." 80% of capacity to export... Exporting to many countries, Middle East and North Africa countries being in the first place, Beta-Pak exports to many countries such as Iran, Sudan, Nigeria, Germany, France, Austria, Denmark, Ivory Coast, Philippines and directs 80% of its capacity to exports. Manufacturing automation-controlled systems, which mainly has automation technologies, the company acts more cautiously in 2015 and focuses its attention on export sales. Receiving many requests especially from Iraq, the company aims to increase the sales figures by 35-40% comparing to the previous year.

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