BETA-PAK Otomatik Paketleme ve Ambalajlama Makineleri San. A.Ş.
Price is Forgettable, Quality is Never BETA-PAK is the fastest growing company in the packaging industry since its establishment in 1997.
  • 24+
    Years Of Experince
  • 85+
    Export To Country
  • 160+
    Qualified Personnel
  • 1905+
    Machine Count

Beta-Pak has been operating in packaging sector since 1997. Beta-Pak manufactures thermoform and special packaging machines with high standards. In the machines it produces, Beta-Pak utilizes nowadays' latest technologies. Thanks to its expert staff and wide machine park, Beta-Pak manufactures its machines with best quality. Beta-Pak exports the machines it produces to 85 countries. Beta-Pak offers its high-end technology machines with its professional staff, rapid and safe service, and spare part inventories. Beta-Pak also manufactures special machine types in line with its customers' needs.

1997 It was established with 3 partners in an area of ​​75 m2.
2001 The partnership structure has been changed. 10-year long-term plans were prepared for the growth of the company. Overseas machine sales started.
2002 Participation in fairs. Company facilities expanded from 300m2 to 800m2.
2005 Representative offices abroad began to be established.
2008 Corporate Tax Commendation Special Award
2009 Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Export Achievement 2nd Award
2011 Central Anatolian Exporters' Association Award for the 2nd Most Exporting Firm
2014 The Production Facility was expanded to 4800m2. Representative offices were opened in 6 countries. Number of Personnel Reached 115.
2016 Our India Representative Office has been put into operation.
2017 The Number of Export Countries has been increased to 65 by activating our US Representative Office.
2018 Production Facility was increased to 8000m2. Annual Turnover 15 M$
Over 24 years of experience

With its 24 years of experience, BETA-PAK is a leader machine manufacturer operating in Thermoform packaging sector since 1997, that adopts high-quality and advanced technology, that prioritizes professional team work, that constantly evolves and develops, that follows the worldwide developments in its sector, rapidly implements the innovations with these developments and offers them with high quality, that insists on technology, that is not satisfied with its past and future plans, that broadens its targets each day with an idealist mindset.

Our Vision

In today's world, different techniques and technology are constantly changing and developing. This change and development have brought compliance and implementation responsibilities to individuals and corporations along with it. Taking this responsibility and liability as our principle, we have taken prioritization of customer satisfaction and manufacturing consumer-friendly machines upon us. Therefore, we are pleased to use all technological systems, manufacture and offer the best and greatest machines for our valued customers...
At the production stage, we prioritize security / safety and health, act responsibly in material selection, and use appropriate materials in the proper certified standards.

Our Mission

Although we are machine manufacturing corporation, by principle, we are consumers too. We use the products of the machines we manufactured. We take care of our machines with the consciousness of a consumer. And with our consumer identity and with the experience arising from our decent understanding of our manufacturers' problems, requests and desires, we have aspired to manufacture high quality and cost-effective machines with high-end technologies that provides solutions for our manufacturers' problems.
Our targets include eliminating the technological underdevelopment experienced by our country in the past, reducing the dependence on foreign sources in our segment, outperforming other countries in technology, setting an environment in which the world standards are settled by us, and obtaining the place that we deserve in world conjuncture.

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