Water and Juices

We can see that with the increase in portion products, small water cups and juices followed them. In this context, we have know-how projects that reduce wastage in foil use, which minimizes costs. We have special cup designs. These cups are designed in accordance with transportation ergonomy. At the same time, we offer robotic viol, box, shrink arrangement packaging options in "end of line" projects automatically.

PT non-robotic economic packaging machines are little giants of the family. This group became the indispensable of standard capacities in filling applications with all kinds of liquids. Incorporating the most desired models of its class, the group also built reputation with the space it takes and with filling sensitivity. These are quiet and failure-free machines that require a single operator and minimum maintenance. Since all components, including main chassis and legs, are made of 304 quality stainless steel and sheet profiles, they have a long life even in the most challenging operating environments. We use the highest quality materials in motor and pneumatic lines and implement the cutting-edge technology.

With digital propagation systems, incorporating servo motor, that suit for your needs; with cutting-edge technology modular plc microprocessor control systems that allow monitoring operation parameters and making the desired changes; with touch screen panels insulated against impacts from outside; BPT non-robotic cost-effective packaging machines create a more comfortable working environment for you.


All equipment used in the machines have CE certificates. Thanks to their ease of use, the machines support different molds as well.

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