Ready-to-Serve Food

In ready-to-serve food sector, especially the filling systems require professional solutions depending on food's form (particulate, cold-hot etc.). Also CIP implementation is closely related to product's hygiene, consumer's health and shelf life. 

In the last years, this sector needs a broader spectrum of packaging solutions depending on the nutrition habits. Especially the expectation of consuming regional ready-to-serve foods in metropoles gradually increases the diversity in this sector. We can see that ready-to-serve foods have different characteristics.

For instance, we can see that in some products it is harder to protect the structure and microbiology is more prominent. As BETA-PAK, we try to offer innovative solutions for decreasing the package cost and increasing the package attraction. However, depending on the process of product, we carry out the vacuum and/or gas application within requested tolerances and infiltrate this with an extended 24-year experience.

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