We provide reliable, repeatable and traceable packaging solutions that meet all the standards for maintaining the capabilities of maximum protection and functions for sterilized medical devices in Medical and Drug industries.

In this industry, by using plastic films, special medical paper materials, aluminized packaging materials for protecting the products, required level of microorganism and humidity protection is ensured.

Our packaging solutions are basically sterilized with below mentioned methods.

Heat Treatments with steam 

Use of sterilization gases; for example ethylene oxide has a gas-permeable form. They are sterilized by passing through the pores on the package.

In the methods other than the ones we explained with few examples in sterilization (with GAMA), our packaging solutions include opening the package without harming the ergonomic product in all kinds of use.

Medical industry has high expectations on packaging. Therefore, all necessary hygiene standards should be met and thermoform packaging machines should be designed according to the requirements of customers.

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