Meat Products

With the belief that the success of a product is directly related to its package quality, being cost-oriented; BETA-PAK has been operating with the sense of specially high-quality packaging in its 24 years of business experience. As known, in the food sector, structure of meat products is highly affected from outer microbiology. Therefore, we sensitively conduct the processes of selection of right package, package design and the manufacturing process serving for this design.

With our extended experience, we serve the knowledge that the most professional manner of extending shelf life in sector is the machines incorporating the right packaging technology, and conduct and manage projects with proper business solutions.

When we examine the meat sector, we observe that being dependent to the altering living conditions of customers, the customers expect packaging solutions that have functions meeting their needs. For instance, observing that Disposable and Portion products become widespread in Meat sector and the packaging demands including many similar functions increase day-by-day, BETA-PAK continuously creates projects that are innovative, cost-oriented and that prioritizes human health.

Fresh meat products

- Big portions for distribution
- Chopped portions prepared for retail sector
- Minced meat

Cold meats

- Fresh
- Sliced
- Smoked


Smoked or salted meat

Convenience foods

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