Fishes and Sea Products

In parallel with the increasing use of sea products in our country, packaging diversity became prominent.

In a study, it was observed that sea products could be stored for longer periods. In these packages produced with the right microbiological methods, it was found that sterility was effective and continuous. Varying structures, colors and other sensory features made these packaging methods implementable. It is observed that the sea products with right packaging (Vacuum etc.) have a longer shelf life.

It must be kept in mind that packaging the aquaculture products in modified atmosphere might cause potential anaerobic pathogen development problems. Conservation, smoking and processing techniques that are suitable for such foods, roasting for toxin destruction and appropriate sanitation and cooling applications should be carried out. The studies showed that it is important to store such products with MAP application under necessary cool conditions and include certain amount of O2 in the package atmosphere in terms of preventing the problems such as botulism.

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