BPT-Y 25/100, is a next generation thermoform machine developed via R&D studies of BETA-PAK engineers. It is especially ideal for productions such as dairy products where hygiene and sterility are prioritized. And by minimizing the wastage amount on foil with the special cutting unit, the unit costs per package are decreased. The production environment within a closed cabin is supported with hepa filter. The quality of air used in forming unit is increased through extra sterilization. The air used in forming unit of machine is used after sterilizing via 3-stage filter. Forming, filling unit and cutting unit work with servo motor application. In filling unit, it is possible to fill liquid and particulate products with any viscosity. It is possible to carry out special CIP application in filling unit. In cutting station, different perforated or multiple cutting applications can be carried out. Automatic robot-controlled filling system can be placed at machine outlet. Firstly, the packages are automatically opened in package opening unit, and the bottom area is taped. Then the products arriving below the collection robot with conveyor are automatically filled into the packages with robot system. The products can be placed into the packages with desired order, with or without separators. After the filling is completed, the package is automatically closed in package closing station and made ready for stacking on the pallet.

Capacity :7,000 - 36,000 packet/h.
Film Width250-450 mm
Bottom Film :(PET) / (PP) / (PS) / (PVC)
Top Film :(AL) / (OPP), (AL+THERMO LAC)
Shape Depth :65mm
Reel Diameter :Bottom - max. 900mm • Top - max. 300mm
Reel Core Diameter :76mm
Compressed Air :6 bar, max 1800 L/min.
Cooling Water :12 - 16˚C, 6000 Kcal/hour
Electrical Consumption :max. 18 kW- 380 V
Machine Dimensions :8000 x 1500 x 2500 mm (approx)
Weightmax. 5000 kg
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