BPT-S 25/75 is the biggest machine of water sector. It is possible for a team of two people to form, fill and pack 22.000 pieces and 4400 liters of water cups. With the innovations in cutting systems, maximum amount of film is saved. It is a packaging line that has a quality and aesthetic structure, designed especially for high-capacity operations deep packages. With our line that can easily process all kinds of thermoplastic materials up to 1200 microns, it is possible to obtain packages with up to 95 mm depth. In the design of BPT-S 25/75, it is possible to see all details of technology. Pulling system is designed with a servo motor. And the touch screens are supported with graphical statistical data. The optional robot system that collects the finished packages is only one of the visible features of this machine. BPT-S 25/75 can be used for all kinds of beverages, yoghurt, ayran and dairy products. BPT-S 25/75 is a versatile and functional operating line with the option to use different molds in the same machine. Since all components on the machine are stainless steel, BPT-S 25/75 model can operate in all kinds of acidic environments. All equipment used in the machine have CE certificates.

Kapasite :20-24 vuruş / dakika
Film Genişliği :150 mm - 410 mm
Film Kalınlığı :400 mik. - 900 mik.
Alt Film :(PVC) / (PET) / (PS) /
Üst Film :(ALU) / (ALU+PET)
Hatve :100 mm-200 mm
Şekil Derinliği :max. 95mm
Alt Rulo Ağırlığı :300 kg
Makina Boyu :5.500 mm
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