BETA-PAK's BPT-P 25/100 model can be easily distinguished with its capacity in portion packages. It allows making a production up to 30.000 pieces per hour with a team of just two people, making the products, which are packaged with automatic boarding system at the end of the line, ready for palletization, providing cost and staff savings. In the part named as wastage (in between the packages and edges), it is possible to revalue the films. In addition, the cutting units developed with the cutting system manufacturers, which were recently collaborated, performed the application of cutting without wastage successfully. With the usable 300 kg bottom film, machine's continuous operating time was increased and a real increase was provided in capacity. Since all components, including main chassis and legs, are made of 304 quality stainless steel and sheet profiles, they have a long life even in the most challenging operating environments. We use the highest quality materials in pneumatic lines and implement the cutting-edge technology. With digital propagation system incorporating servo motor, with cutting-edge technology modular plc microprocessor control system that allow monitoring operation parameters and making the desired changes easily; with touch screen operator panel insulated against impacts from outside; BPT-P 25/100 creates a more comfortable working environment for you. All the equipment used in the machine have CE certificates. Thanks to its ease of use, the machine supports different molds as well.

Output :27,500 - 30,000 units/h.
Film Widths :410mm - 490mm
Film Thickness :400 mic. - 1200 mic.
Bottom Film :(PVC) / (PET) / (PS)
Top Film :(ALU) / (ALU+PET)
Step :100mm - 250mm
Shape Depth :max. 95mm
Bottom Roll Weight :300 kg
Machine Length :7.500 mm
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