Turkish machine manufacturer Beta-Pak is closely followed by German producer
Turkish machine manufacturer Beta-Pak is closely followed by German producer

Turkish machine manufacturer Beta-Pak is closely followed by German producer.
Packaging for Middle East!
Bringing the European packaging machine exports in Middle East to an almost standstill, Beta-Pak Makine received a partnership proposal from its defeated rival.Exporting thermoform and packaging machines to 50 countries, Beta-Pak also blocked the exporters in Turkey.Capturing 80% of Middle East market of world's big manufacturers, thermoform and special packaging machine producer Beta-Pak Makine manufactures packaging machines special to the giants of food sector in Turkey.Assessing the partnership proposal recently received from the giant German producer, whose market was captured by Beta-Pak these days; the company is within the packaging sector since 1997.Producing thermoform (thermal forming) and special packaging machines for food and drug sectors in high standards, Beta-Pak carries out its most intense production in cup water packaging machines.
Who is Cengiz Karagülle?
I am a member of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, Machines and Machine Equipment Professional Committee. I am an agricultural engineer.I also have a master degree on cheese and yoghurt. I worked as production manager in this sector until 1984.I produced machines such as separators, pasteurizators.In 1995, there were no people producing packaging machines in Turkey.

How did you come across Beta-Pak?

Those times, two out of three partners of Beta-Pak left.In 1997, we were three people joining Beta-Pak as new partners. Until 2000, we got to know each other and specified our road map.In 2001 we started to take action.Since I am good at English, I travelled around the world, participated in exhibitions and looked for customers.Today we are five partners; Me, Turgay Gezer, Ali Elkılıç, Sadebek Taştan and Cumali Özyürek.

EXPORTS TO 50 COUNTRIES How many countries do you export your products now?

-At the present day, we export machines to 50 countries worth 15 million dollars per year. Since 2002, we have been exporting thermoform machines all around the world, from Austria to Azerbaijan, Abu Dhabi to Ivory Cost, England to Israel, Palestine to France, Congo to Portugal, Russia to Sao Tome islands.

How is your dominance in domestic market?

-One of our partners made us work on electronic and electric R&D. We acquired the world standards in production of thermoform machines that can preserve all kinds of food products such as milk and dairy products, water, olive, biscuits for a long time.Our production is solely per product, per customer demands.Boutique production makes us unrivalled. Which domestic companies are you working with? Sütaş, Yörsan, Şahin Melek, Eti Gıda, Bifa, Bolulu Hasan Usta, Ekici, Eker, Anı Bisküvi, Ünilever, İtimat Peynircilik, Koska, Özgüllü Süt, Mado, Muratbey, Kay-Balmar Süt, Aslı Börek, Özsüt, Çoban Pınar Su, Pınar Et, Assan Gıda, McCormic, Erikli, Mar Tüketim, Altınkılıç, Maret, Sek Süt, Erpiliç, Gümüşdoğa Su Ürünleri, Pak Tavuk (Mudurnu), Kaşık-la, Kaanlar, Tat Entegre, Yonca Gıda, Pınar Süt, Doğuş Et, Yardımcı Süt, Moova, Unifo and Hamidiye Su A.Ş. Balparmak.

How long has it been since the domestic companies started to purchase Beta-Pak machines?

-Domestic companies started to work with Beta-Pak ten years ago.This way, we blocked their imports from two biggest manufacturers in the world, Hassia and Mulltivac.We both have a great quality, and we can produce the products that can be manufactured by those two companies.Hassia only manufactures water machines.And Multivac only manufactures meat machines.As Beta-Pak, we manufacture both machine types.



In 2014, the total amount of thermoform machines sold by Germany to Iraq was 780 thousand dollars. Beta-Pak itself sold goods with a total amount of 4.5 million euros. Last year, we sold a total of 51 pieces water machines to Iraq.Now Beta-Pak holds 80% of Middle East market. We participate in 21 fairs per year. 18 out of 19 water factories in Dubai uses Beta-Pak machines.We have agencies in 9 countries.We have a big sales volume especially in Middle East countries and Iraq.We have different machine models that can produce 6-8-10-eye cups at a time.They made mother-approved packages "We have a boutique production.The company tells us what they want for which product.We have these customer requests and make a tailor-made production.For example, Eti Puf was having their packages from a foreign company, but since the edges were sharp, mothers did not let their children buy it.Eti asked for a special design.We made this special design. After this package was approved by mothers, we proceeded with mass production. And there was an increase in the sales figures of Eti Puf.We only use the flag of government "We only use the flag of government.We do not use incentives, we do not use credits. We do not use cheques. We never avoid taxes, we had a silver medal in tax last year. We never invoice a less or more amount than it is. We do not accrue interest on the money in bank. We attach importance to relations, being a family." Wives of the partners do not know each other With their words, they are 4 and a half partners. They have four main and one small partner. They have a constitution.As a response to the ones asking 'How do you get along', they tell about their constitution. The architect of the constitution is Cengiz Karagülle.Beta-Pak Makine Chairman Karagülle says "None of the partners know wives of others. None of the children of partners can work in the factory. We congratulate each other's bairam in the factory and go home. Families do not see each other. It is dangerous for the company when the wives know and see each other".

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